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About Rev. Keith A. Gordon

Rev. Keith A. Gordon is an award-winning music journalist, a technology writer, poet, prophet, photographer, and admitted computer geek. His words have appeared in over 100 publications worldwide, the "Reverend of Rock 'n' Roll" writing about such topics as music (classic rock, blues, heavy metal); technology (computers, electronics); the media; and politics.

The Other Side of Nashville Kickstarter Project

  After months of delays…much like my work on the book itself…we’ve finally launched our Kickstarter project to fund the completion of The Other Side of Nashville. Subtitled “An Incomplete History and Discography of the Nashville Rock Underground, 1976-2006,” the … Continue reading

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Prog 2010 book now available!

Progressive rock fell out of favor with the mainstream audience decades ago, but the genre has managed to thrive and survive in the rock music underground, picking up steam in recent years and appealing to an entire generation of young … Continue reading

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FREE copy of Trademark of Quality book!

Click on the book cover to download a FREE PDF copy of Trademark of Quality, a collection of the Reverend’s music writing (and more) from the former TMQ blog. If you enjoy the book, please consider buying a copy (332pp … Continue reading

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